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Things to Consider Before Taking Your Pet to a Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic
Low-cost vaccine clinics provide a much needed public service for pets whose owner’s cannot afford to vaccinate them. By vaccinating a large percentage of the pets in a particular community, we reduce contagious disease overall in that community.   You want the best medical care for your pet so you need to make sure the clinic you are using is providing quality vaccines and medical care. 

Below is a list of questions to ask a low-cost spay-neuter clinic before you schedule your pet’s appointment:

  • Do you use non-adjuvented vaccines for cats? (Adjuvented vaccines have been linked to vaccine-site tumors in some cats.)

  • Do you have separate waiting areas for cats and dogs?

  • Does your Leptospirosis vaccine contain all 4 serovars or only 2?

  • Will you examine my pet to make sure s/he is healthy before you vaccinate him/her?

  • Are you equipped to provide the necessary emergency medical care that my pet needs if my pet has an adverse reaction to the vaccine?

  • How do you store your vaccines? Are they kept at refrigerated temperatures at all times or are they transported from site to site, which could cause a reduction in safety and efficacy?

  • Do you mix your vaccines immediately prior to administering them or do they sit for more than 2 hours before administration?

  • Do you change the needle after drawing it from the vaccine vial so that the injection is less painful for my pet?

  • How do you handle pets who are fearful or aggressive for vaccines?

  • Do you keep detailed medical records about which vaccine was used and where on the body it was administered?