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Kitten Wellness Visit Checklist
First Visit (Age 6 to 8 weeks):

1st RCP Vaccine (Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia-Distemper):  ***Recommended for ALL kittens***
Given every 3 weeks (no less than 2, no more than 4) until at least 16 weeks old.  
*For an older, unvaccinated cat, must have 2 vaccines, 3 weeks apart. Subsequent vax are 3 year.  
Fecal test: to test for intestinal parasites.For kittens- need to have at least 2 negative fecal tests during kitten series.  Ideally fecal testing is done at 1st and last visits, then annually.  
Deworm: with strongid (pyrantel); prophalactically treats roundworms and hookworms.  Given every 2-3 weeks until at least 12 weeks old.  
FELV/FIV Test: Done at first visit, then rechecked again 6 months later. If the cat will be allowed outside, testing needs to be done annually. If the cat will be indoor only and NOT exposed to any other cats that go outdoors, annual testing is not required.
Ear Mite Check: is done at first visit for all kittens and cats (no charge for this test). 
Start Revolution: monthly preventative that protects against heartworm, earmites, fleas, hookworms, and roundworms. 
Second Visit (Age 9 to 11 weeks):

RCP #2 Vaccine
FIV #1 (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) Vaccine: Recommended for cats that go outside or are exposed to other cats that go outside. Given every 3 weeks (no less than 2, no more than 4) until at least 14 weeks old.  Initial series must be at least 3 vaccines, each 3 weeks apart. Is then annual. 
Continue Revolution monthly
Third Visit (Age 12-14 weeks):

RCP #3 Vaccine
FIV #2 Vaccine 
Rabies 1 year Vaccine: MUST be given no less than 12 weeksof age
FELV #1 (Feline Leukemai) Vaccine ***Recommended for ALL kittens*** 
As adults - cats who will be exposed to other cats with unknown medical history (if they go outside), or if owner is worried about the cat possibly escaping. Vaccines are given 3 weeks apart (no less than 2, no more than 4) until at least 14 weeks old.  
Deworm (final): Must be at least 12 weeks and have had 2 treatments, 2-3 weeks apart.  
Pre-anesthetic Bloodwork:  Highly recommended at this visit to do the bloodwork for spay/neutering. If not done at this visit, is required within 30 days of surgery appointment. Dr. then has time to address any abnormalities.  
Continue Revolution monthly
Final Kitten Visit (Age 16 to 18 weeks):
Final Kitten Visit can be combined with spay/neuter appointment if desired.

RCP Annual Vaccine: Must be at least 16 weeks and no more than 4 weeks from previous vaccine (or will need an additional booster)
FIV Annual 
FELV Annual 
Fecal test
Continue Revolution monthly - once kitten is 5 lbs. or more in weight, you can purchase the rest of the year's supply.