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Pet Exams and Appointments
Needed for
Reptile & Amphibian Exams
Needed for Rabbit, 
Ferret, and Small 
Mammal Exams
Needed for All New Clients and Patients
New Client
Needed for
Avian Exams
Client Forms
Small Mammal
In an effort to expedite your appointment, below are some forms that you may print 
and complete at your convenience before your visit to Milwood Animal Clinic. 

If you have questions about any section, please feel free to leave it blank and 
our staff will be happy to assist you at the time of your visit!
Reptile & Amphibian
Contact Us!
Please call our office to 
setup your appointment! 


Please be as specific as possible so we can give you and your pet the care you deserve!

Payment Options
It is customary to pay for
services when rendered.  
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, or Credit.  
(Sorry, no American Express)
We also accept CareCredit

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Our clinic can be reached with the contact information on the right.  
Please call if you ever need to reschedule or cancel your appointment 
for a different time. 

When transporting your pet, please make sure:
1. Your car is warmed up or cooled down (depending on the season).
2. All dogs are on leashes, and all other pets are in carriers or aquariums.
     - Cats and exotic pets will feel more comfortable traveling in covered carriers.
Upon arriving at the clinic:
1. Please keep all pets and children supervised during your visit.
2. Please keep retractable leashes on their shortest setting.
3. Please avoid pet interaction with unrelated pets. 

 Canine & Feline Appointments
     * Initial Visit (Regardless of Age)
          - Please bring prior vet records and/or adoption paperwork, current medications, 
          fecal sample, and any questions you may have.
          - These visits tend to take a little longer so you can leave a confident pet owner!
     * Wellness Exams
        - Please bring a fecal sample (no longer than 24 hours old). 

 Exotic Pet Appointments
      * Wellness Exam
        - Please print and fill out the  appropriate questionnaire (below), a sample of your pet's            droppings, and bring any reptile lighting you're using so we may test it's U/V output.
 For Your Appointment...